Fixing bathtub leaks

A bathtub can leak in two common conditions – there might be a faucet drip or any underlying problem with the plumbing system. Both the conditions results in water wasting and damage to the plumbing system in the long run. There might be a situation of water damage on the ceiling or just below the bathtub. All that needs to be done is early detection and getting the bathtub repaired.

Now- the main question is how to find the leakage? If you have an eye for details, you might be able to find the problem, but what about getting the leakage fixed? You will need the help of professionals to have the leakage repaired. Many times, you will need professional help to get into the source of the leakage as well. The situation depends a lot on the kind of leakage.

Faucet Drip:

Faucets are simple to fix. If you notice there is a leaking faucet, you might have to replace the seat assembly or the washer. This is usually a simple job and doesn’t require much time. But, if it is ignored for a long time, you will face difficulties and there will be tremendous water wastage. You will be paying a large amount as an energy bill. Though, you might be able to fix the problem yourself, it is always a wise decision to call professionals. A plumber will visit your premises with all the required tools and components and fix the leakage soon.

Bathtub leaks might be from a broken shower pan. There might also be a leakage in the pipe, which needs to be fixed by a plumber.

Understanding Bathtub Leak:

Homeowners often fail to realize that there is a leakage in the bathtub. However, there is a common sign which indicates there is a leakage. Look for water stains on ceiling or just below the tub. At times, the water tends to run along pipes, before there is water dripping. Thus, in such a situation, you might not notice any drip below the bathtub but there might be stains.

Never delay whenever you feel there is a leakage – call your plumber right away!